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Susannah M

"After having an amazing experience there recently, I can highly recommend Skinvigo in Shelburne, VT. Julie, the owner and aesthetician, has a lovely welcoming and calming presence, as well as extensive knowledge of skincare and overall health. As someone who appreciates holistic skincare, I was delighted with the high quality and natural scents of the products she used. I left, completely relaxed and happy, with a refreshed, glowing complexion, magically feeling as though I had gotten a full body massage due to her amazing face massage technique. I can't rave enough about my experience and the service I received at Skinvigo (based on the European spa concept of "skin invigoration"!).


Amanda B

"I had my first facial today and it was total luxury! Julie was fantastic and explained everything to me, but also didn’t talk too much so there was plenty of time and space to relax. And I did relax! By the time we got to the face mask and hand massage, I felt like I was floating on a cloud! My skin is glowing and I feel completely pampered."

T. Y

"Highly recommend! Recently had the Reiki Facial and it was a fantastic experience. Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating!"

Katie N

"My teen daughter and I have been going to Julie for several years for facials and to buy products. I can't say enough positive things about Julie and the experience: in addition to the skin care, there's the face/neck massage, the scents, the music, and the afterglow. I recommend her to everyone. Julie is kind, professional, relaxed, informative and seems to love what she does."

Agnes T

"Having a facial with Julie is an experience that is both educational and luxurious! Soft lighting, soothing music, and wonderful scents of lotions and mask leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. I feel so grateful!"

Kate D

"Julie at Skinvigo is the person you need to visit for a facial if you’re looking to feel pampered, cared for and restored. Her gentle hands and amazing products will help improve the health and appearance of your skin and make you feel relaxed and vibrant at the same time. Yes please!"

Susan T

"I had the most wonderful facial with Julie earlier this week and several days later, my face still feels so soft and vibrant! She gave me great advice for taking care of my skin, and it was so relaxing and refreshing. She is also very careful about covid safety, and you can book your appointment online! Give yourself a treat and book today!"

Allyson M

"I'd highly recommend Julie if you're looking for an indulgent hour of self care. She is a true professional and offers guidance to provide a truly personalized treatment in an immaculate and comfortable setting."

Rhea H

"I had a wonderful experience with Julie with a customized facial. Very relaxing and personalized! Julie takes her time with you determining what would be best for your skin and providing her knowledge and insight along the way. I highly recommend seeing Julie the next time you are looking to have a facial done!"

Kait S

"Just go. This was, hands down, the best facial I've ever received. Julie really evaluated my skin and designed a highly personalized experience. I will certainly be going back."

Lili S

"I highly recommend Julie's facials. She is using great products, is very knowledgeable and has magical hands. I felt so relaxed. Thank you Julie !"

Heather S

"Excellent service, great products, relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend Skinvigo for your next service."

Suzanne F

"Pure luxury. The professional facial was very relaxing in a beautiful environment. My skin looks fabulous. "

Amber D

"I just had the most relaxing and rejuvenating rose quartz facial with Julie S. The salon is lovely and Julie has a wonderful manner with her clients. Highly recommend! " 

Lisa SK

"I loved my facial with Julie! She made me feel comfortable and took the time to really analyze my skin’s needs and provide a personalized treatment. I felt so relaxed and my skin felt and looked great after the treatment. She gave me personalized advice for my daily routine as well. It was a lovely experience and I will definitely go back to see Julie for another facial."

Ava B

"How she provided a lot of education around skin care and was very careful and gentle with all that she did. "

Lissy W

"I had the most soothing, restorative and hydrating facial with Julie. Her knowledge and attention to detail along with her professional and soothing nature left me feeling relaxed and my skin glowing. I will be back!" 

Amy W

"Best facial EVER! I've had many facials in my life but my facial with Julie exceeded all expectations. She truly understands what your face needs and doesn't just go through the steps without making sure it's right for your skin. I liked my facial so much that I had a spa day elsewhere recently and didn't have a facial because I knew it would be disappointing compared to Julie's treatment."

Gosia de K

"Julie has wonderful hands, she is professional, very discreet and knowledgeable. I always feel relaxed with her and my skin is glowing afterwards. I regret she is so far from Brooklyn... It has been always a treat having a facial with Julie." 

Adrea K

"Best facial I’ve ever had " 

Claudia M

"I had the most marvelous facial with Julie! Her hands are like magic! Thanks, Julie." 

Katie N

"I recently had the most thorough, soothing facial with Julie. I hadn’t had a facial in a while, but Julie quickly put me at ease with her gentle, down-to-earth demeanor. I appreciated how she explained each step and thoughtfully answered my questions. Afterwards, my face looked smooth and refreshed. I look forward to my next facial with Julie and have recommended her to many of my friends." 

Irena K

"Julie has a great ability to make you feel cared for, but also open to allowing yourself to feel pampered and spoiled.  Her passion comes through in the most wonderful way. She talks you through all steps without overwhelming you with too much info. I left my appointment feeling great. My skin felt healthy and energized and I was inspired to be more intentional about my every day regiment." 

Andreea V

"I had one of my best facials EVER with Julie.  She is a massage goddess and very knowledgeable esthetician!" 

Alicia WS

"Best facial ever. Look forward to recommending you to all my friends and to returning to you!" 

Manju S

"I thought Julie was very professional while at the same time friendly and easy to be with. Sometimes facials can be very clinical and there was a warmth there that made it more enjoyable. I also was amazed with the results. My pores were smaller and I felt like I looked younger and had a glow. I haven't felt this good about my skin in a long time." 

Kate D

"I am raising a chronically ill, pre-teen girl.  My skin told the tale of how much I stressed over, worried about and laughed with my girl.  Julie gave me a whisper soft facial that cleared, calmed and hydrated my skin.   Her magic fingers quieted my mind, too, and I felt renewed.  Since then, she has helped me improve the health of my skin by teaching me about the skin as an organ and what it needs to thrive.  I still worry about my girl, but now I don't look like I do!  Thanks, Julie!" 

Maria M

"I really enjoyed the whole experience. Julie is wonderful and explained everything perfectly and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am very happy with my results and will definitely be back." 

Lisa E

"Julie is very warm and professional, offering skincare information that is clear and easy to understand.  She creates a very relaxing environment with the soothing music, beautiful room, and her gentle yet effective massage."

Karin H

"Julie is very professional, calming, she gives of a comforting vibe of confidentiality. She is gentle and yet thorough. It was all together a very pleasant experience." 

Kelly S

"Had a wonderful facial with Julie today. She has a very calming demeanor and has a relaxing technique. She explained what and why she was doing things during the early part of the facial when she was diagnosing and treating my skin and then the second half was all about relaxation and repairing (she even massages your neck, arms, and hands). One full hour of me time! I left feeling relaxed and with glowing skin!" 

Dorilee L

"I had what is quite possibly the BEST facial today. Self care was an interrupted activity since Covid shook our world. Oh, how I missed it. Julie put me at ease and addressed any covid concern I had. She was professional, knowledgeable, personable and I felt relaxed the entire time. I highly recommend and will most certainly be back! I feel rejuvenated and like so much stress has vanished from my face and shoulders. Don’t miss the opportunity to relax and unwind!" 

Jen M

"I thoroughly enjoyed my facial at skinvigo with Julie. She was very knowledgeable about my skin and kept everything very safe. Do yourself a favor and get a facial today." - Jen M.

Carolyn S

"My most recent facial with Julie was amazing. It was so relaxing and refreshing. Her space is clean and she abides by all Covid protocols. She is very quick to reply and all forms are online which makes it easy and efficient to schedule. Highly recommended!!"
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