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Image Skincare

Skincare Products

IMAGE Skincare is a sustainably sourced, physician formulated skincare line, sold in over 60 countries worldwide. All Image products are powered by safe ingredients, smart botanicals and proprietary delivery systems.


Based on the idea of correction, protection and nourishment, this line offers solutions for every skin type and concern in a customized, balanced, effective skincare regimen.

Not sure where to start? Set up a Consultation and we identify your skin concerns together and determine how to tackle them. Products are available for purchase at Skinvigo. I offer delivery in the greater Shelburne area.

Product policy: No Returns, except for faulty packaging.


Custom Approach

I love working with Image Skincare, because the variety of professional and consumer products they offer. This allows me to truly customize each service and address skin stress like dehydration, sensitivity, sun damage, premature aging, or breakouts. I can recommend individualized homecare regimens according to each client's needs, lifestyle, preference and budget. 


Smart Skincare

Image Skincare products are made with revolutionary ingredients that are highly effective and validated with proven results. Their smart encapsulation, time released delivery systems and penetration enhancing technology prolong the effectiveness of active ingredients. This means targeted ingredients work where and when they are most effective.  Products ingredients are constantly evolving, and Image Skincare continues to be an award winning innovator in the industry. 


Why Go Pro?

Professional Skincare works. I make product recommendations just for you based on my experience and knowledge as an esthetician. Do you need a balancing cleanser or an exfoliating one? Should your serum be anti-aging, hydrating, or build up your skin barrier, or all of the above? What supports your skin best at night - a hydrating repair creme, a retinol mask, or a texture improving balm?  I carry a variety of daily moisturizers with broad spectrum SPF for every skin type, skin tone and activity level. I am looking forward to helping you feel comfortable in your skin, be confident in your homecare, and happy with the way you look.  

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