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Head Massage

Skinvigo is short for Skinvigoration - the invigoration of the skin, our body's largest organ.

Skin actively responds to internal and external stress factors. Dehydration, sun damage, breakouts and premature aging are some of the most common effects of skin stress.

At ​​Skinvigo  ​I will address your individual concerns with personalized facials, professional care, and products you can believe in. Healthy skin is an integral part of our overall well-being and skincare becomes part of your selfcare. 


I think selfcare is not a luxury, but an act of self-respect: it's how you get your power back. A facial at Skinvigo is so much more than leaving with glowing skin. The emotional benefit that comes from releasing tensions in the facial muscles will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed and balanced.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

My Story

As a native of Germany, I believe in a European-based skincare philosophy: Inner-wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy skin go hand in hand.

In 2015 I took that passion to the next level and became an esthetician in New York City at the prestigious Christine Valmy International School, the first ever esthetics school in the US. Since then, I expanded my education with training in Oncology Esthetics and an advanced course on Sensitive and Sensitized Skin. I am certified in ProAesthetic’s proprietary NeoLifting © Technique. I am licensed in New York State and Vermont. 

I am devoted to merging product- and technological advancements in esthetics with the benefits of relaxation, stress relief, and the human touch. In 2022, I underwent product training in both LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent.


I also completed the Second Degree Practitioners Program of the Usui Reiki System. 



-- By Appointment Only --

Shelburne Athletic Center 

Wellness Center

166 Athletic Drive

Room 2

Shelburne, VT 0582

Tel: 802-448-0312

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