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Reiki curious?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves the natural healing process. Gentle hand placements encourage energy circulation in the body and can release blockages from injury or trauma. Help yourself to feel better and more vibrant, experience deep relaxation, and rediscover your inner bliss.

“I felt as if the world had come to peace.” 

Why Reiki?

A Reiki session is non-intrusive, gentle touch and you stay fully clothed. The body works with the energy as it is needed and all experiences are individual and unique. Reiki helps the body to heal, balance itself, and furthers physical, mental and emotional wellness and harmony.

“I experienced an energy I never thought existed. Calming, yet intense. A warmth from inside.”

About Julie

I was first introduced to Reiki by coincidence when a teacher in esthetics school asked who wanted to try it. I felt an undeniable warmth radiating from the hands that were placed above my head. The impression stayed with me and when, many years later here in Vermont, the opportunity presented itself to learn the Usui Reiki System one on one, I took it.

As an esthetician, I believe in a European-based skincare philosophy: Inner-wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy skin go hand in hand. Having Reiki available to support all of those, seemed a natural extension for Skinvigo. I find Reiki relaxing, fun, and very unique and with the completion of the Second Degree Reiki, I am excited to be able to offer it to my clients.

“The Reiki sessions I have had with Julie have been wonderful. Julie's balance of warmth and professional expertise create an experience of connection I have never experienced anywhere else.

I'm so grateful for what she's done for my creative flow, and relaxation.”


Reiki Selfcare

Selfcare is an act of generosity, self-respect and self-acknowledgement. Give yourself this gift of relaxation and rebalancing. You will be fully clothed and laying down on a massage table.


Reiki Facial

The combination of a facial and Reiki aims to let you revel in the crossroads of delight and bliss. Inner balance is paired with the infusion of active skincare ingredients under expert facial massages and customized skincare guidance.  

"stunningly wonderful"

"a fantastic experience"


Reiki Add-On

Add a Reiki session on to any of Skinvigo's services and elevate your facial to a full-body balancing experience


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