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Unleash Your Skin with SKINVIGO Professional Peels

Peel Season is upon us and there is no better way to unleash your skin than with a peel. Professional Peels at Skinvigo offer personalized exfoliation with your skin type, skin goals and lifestyle in mind. 

The Signature Facelift Peel offers a youthful glow, softened skin, powerful hydration, and better product absorbtion for your skincare regimen at home. With no downtime and suitable for every skin type - even sensitive skin - this peel relies of the power of fruit enzymes, paired with a blast of hydration, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Try it as a stand-alone in our in-and-out peel series for a quick 30min appointment, or combinded with the luxurious Skinvigoration Facial.

Ask me about targeted peels for acne/maskne or pigmantation/sun spots.

Book and glow!

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