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!NEW! Paraiso Mexicano Facial

Join me on a

Join me on a mini-vacation to paradise.

The Paraiso Mexicano Facial uses natural oil blends from Mexico to hydrate and nourish the skin with Aguacate (Avocado Oil), Aloe (Aloe Vera Extract) and Pepino (Cucumber Extract).

Gentle enzymatic exfoliation with Pineapple and Papaya and a customized Finishing Mask will leave your skin clean, glowing, and refreshed.

Let yourself get swept away to paradise during the heavenly massages with the 'Kick Back & Relax'* Massage Oil.

Feel the ocean breeze when the 'Playa Mist'* settles on your skin and wear the scent of the Caribbean all the way home...

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* by Bloomish, Mexico

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