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Double the Bliss ... this February

This February, the SAC Wellness Center is all bliss....

Book Julie's Rose Quartz Facial and a 90 minute massage with the exquisite massage therapist Beth Hartmann of Imagine Wellness Therapeutic Massage for a package deal of $200!

Both services must be booked in February, but do not need to be on the same day. Please book the facial by clicking here * and contact Beth for the massage at

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial uses smooth rose quartz facial stones and Gua Sha facial massages to lift and sculpt the skin of the face and neck. The slow flow of this facial supports the relaxing experience calming mind and body alike.

Rose quartz, the “stone of love”, has been used for centuries in beautification for its healing, detoxifying, and radiance-infusing properties. It is especially effective in releasing the unexpressed emotions that create tension in our face and helps detoxify, cleanse and heal the skin.

Chinese Gua Sha facial massages improve health of skin and tissue and give more radiant skin and lifted and sculptured features. They can be very helpful in releasing muscle and tissue tension – helping restore form and function, while being a profoundly relaxing experience.

Sounds like a blissful month is in store for you...

*discount will be applied at check-out

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