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Another free Self-Care Event is coming up!


I am partnering up with Life and Wellness Coach Augusta Good Krahl for a workshop I am super excited about:


Self-Care Rituals

Augusta and I will introduce basic concepts of skincare, nutrition and wellness and how to translate them into simple rituals that will make a difference in your everyday well-being.

Saturday 3/28 at 11:00am

Shelburne Athletic Club Wellness Fair



Other workshops and demos include "The Role of CBD & the Endocannabinoid System in Holistic Living" (Will Coffey, Uleva), "Chair Massage and Cupping Demo" (Beth Hartmann, Imagine Wellness), "Thai Yoga Body Work Demo" (Darcie Shedd, Body Charge Therapeutic Massage), "Restorative Yoga Class with Massage and Aromatherapy Assist" (Led by Kay Boyce with Beth Hartmann and Darcie Shedd), "CrossFit Intro Class" (Nick Mead), "Strength" (Phyllis Bartling), "Spinning Instruction" (Rayne Herzog)

Check for full schedule at at the Shelburne Athletic Club's Wellness Fair.




FREE Self-Care Rituals Workshop

I am so excited to offer face-to-face time at the Shelburne Athletic Club Thursdays from 9:45am - 11:00am to answer skincare questions, chat ingredients, guide you in product choices, book appointments in person, and more. Find me in the lobby!

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