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Microneedling is a wonderful treatment to improve pore size and skin texture, lines, wrinkles and acne scars. While it created media buzz as the 'Vampire Facial', in fact, microneedling uses controlled micro-injuries to initiate the skins healing process which produces collagen. The infusion of platelet rich blood plasma into the created micro-channels boosts the skin's rejuvenation. This treatment works best as a series of 3 to 6.

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Check out the Signature Facelift Designer Peel by Image. This is a four-layer peel that combines hydroxy acid, enzymes and a high concentration of vitamin C to speed up cellular renewal. The Signature Facelift Designer Peel leaves your skin brighter, tighter and deeply hydrated. A wonderful treatment even for sensitive and redness prone skin.

If you once worshiped the sun and are now wondering about the sun spots on your face and what to do about them, take a listen. 

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